1. ONLINE PAYMENT SECURITY: This website is administered by AMAPOLA DISEÑOS which in no case receives complete bank, credit card, debit card or any sensitive bank information used by the USER (you) to do online payments. All bank, credit or debit card information (PAYMENT INFORMATION) is entered in a secure PAYMENT PORTAL which is no property of AMAPOLA DISEÑOS This PAYMENT PORTAL is property and administered by a third party, AMAPOLA DISEÑOS guarantees to the USER that the provided PAYMENT INFORMATION is given in an online secure enviroment and will not be gathered during the payment process by unauthorized parties.


2. RESPONSABILITY FOR PAYMENT INFORMATION USAGE: The USER has sole responsability on the usage of the PAYMENT INFORMATION given in the PAYMENT PORTAL. AMAPOLA DISEÑOS does not assumes responsability if the PAYMENT INFORMATION is used by an unathorized person different from the USER.


3. AMAPOLA DISEÑOS or the PAYMENT PORTAL in any case could require additional information from the USER or the owner of the PAYMENT INFORMATION, including data confirmation, addresses or additional documents that states the existence and legality of the purchase intention from the owner of the PAYMENT INFORMATION. Any intent of fraud will be reported to the respective authorities.


4. In case the PAYMENT INFORMATION given by the USER is rejected by any motive by the PAYMENT PORTAL or any finantial institution, AMAPOLA DISEÑOS will cancel any purchase order done by the USER when the rejected PAYMENT INFORMATION was provided.


5. AMAPOLA DISEÑOS assumes responsability on online payments done by the USER, according to the exact total order amount informed in the PAYMENT PORTAL. AMAPOLA DISEÑOS is not responsible for any additional amount charged to the USER by the bank or any finantial institution when the payment process is finished, like comissions, fees of credit/debit card usage or any charge done by third parties other than the PAYMENT PORTAL.


6. If there is no quote request by the USER to AMAPOLA DISEÑOS , AMAPOLA DISEÑOS will never send emails requesting PAYMENT INFORMATION and never will do such request by telephone to the USER. In case you receive any communication requesting credit/debit card or bank information DO NOT clic on any link and DO NOT provide PAYMENT INFORMATION to any person that identifies as an agent or employee of AMAPOLA DISEÑOS by telephone or email. AMAPOLA DISEÑOS will only send by email and in the case the USER specifically requests it, a quote and/or payment link. The USER must assure that any PAYMENT INFORMATION will be entered in the secure payment page with the URL in the web browser starting with:


7. In case the USER suspects that a link that identifies as from any website property of AMAPOLA DISEÑOS or the PAYMENT PORTAL is fraudulent, the USER must report this link to AMAPOLA DISEÑOS

8. AMAPOLA DISEÑOS is responsible for the products sold to the USER until it delivers them to the transport or courier company. If there is damage or loss of products during the transport process, the USER must report this situation to AMAPOLA DISEÑOS maximum 4 days after delivery is done. AMAPOLA DISEÑOS then will make a claim to the transport company or courier and IN ANY CASE the reply of AMAPOLA DISEÑOS to the USER will depend on the reply of the transport company or courier.


9. PRODUCT AVAILABILITY: AMAPOLA DISEÑOS does not guarantee that all products shown or offered for online sale are always available. In the case that a product purchased by the USER is definitely not available or is not manufactured anymore, AMAPOLA DISEÑOS will promptly inform the USER and give the option of product change or partial or total refund (total, when all products of the purchase order are definitely not available).


10. REFUNDS: AMAPOLA DISEÑOS will only accept money refunds to the USER in the cases mentioned in these Terms and Conditions, or in case of quality defective (please read our FAQ) or missing products. In case a refund is issued, AMAPOLA DISEÑOS will refund the equivalent of the damaged, missing or unavailable products; if all products of a purchase order done by the USER are definitely not available prior to shipping, AMAPOLA DISEÑOS will issue a full refund. In case of missing or damaged products upon delivery, the refund will depend on the insurance claim done to the transport company or courier.


11. DELIVERY ADDRESS: AMAPOLA DISEÑOS will never be responsible for product shippings that do not arrive to the delivery address registered by the USER, if this address is incorrect, does not exists or is not updated. The USER assumes sole responsability if the delivery address given to AMAPOLA DISEÑOS is incorrect in any way. AMAPOLA DISEÑOS does not ship to military outposts or bases or P.O. Boxes.


12. ESTIMATED SHIPPING TIME: For retail purchases, AMAPOLA DISEÑOS compromises to dispatch the products of a purchase order to the USER within 4 to 13 BUSINESS days from payment confirmation. All orders done on saturdays, sundays or holidays in Colombia will be processed at the next business day. AMAPOLA DISEÑOS will not accept any claim or refund requests from the USER if the time passed from order confirmation is still between this time frame. AMAPOLA DISEÑOS reserves the right to change the time/date of shipping depending on product availability or other circumstance, in this case, AMAPOLA DISEÑOS will promptly inform the USER. For more information, please read our FAQ.

13. ORDER CANCELLATIONS: Once a purchase order is confirmed, no cancellation requests will be accepted. Only order cancellation will be accepted if AMAPOLA DISEÑOS does not comply with the shipping time informed to the USER or if products from the purchase order are definitely not available for shipping, as explained in items 9, 10 and 12 of this Terms and Conditions.


14. IMPORTATION AND TAXES: All international purchases (outside Colombia) are regulated and each country has different policies regarding product importation. The USER must comply with all customs regulations and processes in the destination country and must pay any taxes customs or a customs' agent require. If the USER and/or recipient for whom the products are shipped to, refuses to comply with customs or import processes, all products of the purchase order done by the USER will be declared abandoned by customs. AMAPOLA DISEÑOS  does not make any refund and will not accept any complaint from the USER in this case.

15. When purchasing in any website property of AMAPOLA DISEÑOS  the USER accepts that is possible that some of the products shown in the photographs could have differences with the delivered product. These products are: any craftmanship or handmade ítem


16. AMAPOLA DISEÑOS reserves the right to change the transport company or courier selected by the USER when it does not provide delivery service in the zone or city where the delivery address is or if there is an additional fee for delivery in the delivery zone or city. AMAPOLA DISEÑOS will handle the products of the purchase order to the transport company or courier that will do the shipping and delivery in the most approximate time frame selected by the user.


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