1. When you send any web Form from the Web site that is in any of the domain names www.productosdecolombia.com, www.productsofcolombia.com, www.productsofcolombia.us, it means that the information provided by you is true and consequently, the responsibility of it will be yours and/or of your company and/or your society. AMAPOLA DISEÑOS , does not assume any responsibility on the sent information.

2. In the event in which, AMAPOLA DISEÑOS considers that the data of the USER registry or provided information do not correspond to the reality, are not current, or it is incomplete, the right is reserved to suspend the registry and/or to eliminate the information sent by the USER, and consequently, to suspend the USER the benefit of the services available in the Web site.

3. AMAPOLA DISEÑOS totally reserves the right to publish, edit, manipulate all the information that is sent.

4. The USER is responsible to maintain absolute confidentiality of the data relative to the user account and the password. In the event of loss or deviation of the data of user and/or the password, the USER will have to immediately notify AMAPOLA DISEÑOS In any case, AMAPOLA DISEÑOS will not be responsible for the damages and/or damages that take place to third parties and/or to users for the Web site with occasion of the illegal use of a USER account.

5. The CONTENTS of the Web site, as well as its design, systematization and organization, are exclusive property of AMAPOLA DISEÑOS , the information of each company is exclusive property of each one of them and is totally protected by the national and international laws of author rights and intellectual property, and consequently, the USER will abstain to obtain and to even try to obtain data, messages, graphs, drawings, archives of sound and/or image, photographies, recordings, software and in general, any class of accessible material through the Web site (from now on the "CONTENTS"), using procedures different from which, according to the case, the web Site has made available. The USER commits itself to use the CONTENTS in a diligent, prudent, correct form and is committed to abstain from (i) to use them in a way that is opposite to the law, the moral and/or the public order; (ii) to transform or to modify the CONTENTS, unless it counts on the written authorization of the holder of the corresponding rights; (iii) to suppress, to elude or to manipulate copyright and other data that identify the rights of property of AMAPOLA DISEÑOS on the CONTENTS of the Web site.

6. When making use of the hyperlinks available in the web Site, the USER will have access to other Internet sites that are not of the responsibility nor are under the control of AMAPOLA DISEÑOS In consequence, AMAPOLA DISEÑOS is not in charge of the content of those Internet sites, nor by the use that the USER does of the information in them contained.

7. The USER recognizes and accepts specifically that AMAPOLA DISEÑOS will be able, when considers it advisable, to make corrections, improvements or modifications in the contents or services that are provided through the Web Site, without having place nor right to claims and/or indemnifications in charge of AMAPOLA DISEÑOS

8. The USER recognizes and accepts specifically that AMAPOLA DISEÑOS will be able, when considers it advisable, to suspend definitively or temporarily the operation of the Web site, without having place nor right to claims and/or indemnifications in charge of AMAPOLA DISEÑOS

9. The USER will be responsible by the damages that AMAPOLA DISEÑOS suffers, directly or indirectly, with occasion for breaking these Terms and Conditions of Use or the Law. The USER recognizes and accepts specifically that AMAPOLA DISEÑOS is not responsible by the difamatory conducts, offenses, illegal and/or criminal use of the Web site by its USERS.

10. It will be responsibility of the person that uses the Web site from places different from the Republic of Colombia, the fulfillment of regulations and local laws of his/her country and/or region.

11. AMAPOLA DISEÑOS is subject solely to the Colombian legislation and international treaties approved by it as far as the legal and commercial relations that have with other persons and/or companies.

12. AMAPOLA DISEÑOS is in legal terms, a company that fulfills the requirements demanded by the I articulate 19 of the colombian Code of Commerce to execute mercantile activities and its in charge to locate offers and demands of Colombian products with the only aim to commercialize them and to fulfill the success of a legal business for benefit of all the parts.

13. AMAPOLA DISEÑOS can in some cases do the function of a broker or agent, that is a person who works like intermediary agent to settle down a relation between two or more natural or legal people in order that these celebrate a legal business, without being AMAPOLA DISEÑOS tied to any part. When it fulfills this function, AMAPOLA DISEÑOS does not assume any of the obligations that are proper of the celebrated legal business between the people and/or companies that puts in contact, nevertheless it has right to an economic remuneration that will be on behalf of the salesman or supplier company. The amount of this remuneration will be one that agrees to AMAPOLA DISEÑOS .


1. AMAPOLA DISEÑOS totally reserves the right to use the information that is sent to its sole convenience.

2. AMAPOLA DISEÑOS does not distributes, nor sells the information that is sent, to third parties organizations' nor to mail lists of other organizations. The information sent is for exclusive use of AMAPOLA DISEÑOS

3. AMAPOLA DISEÑOS does not send electronic mails like Spam. All the electronic mails that AMAPOLA DISEÑOS send through its Web site are solely for the users registered in it, therefore, the people or organizations which register themselves in the Web sites of AMAPOLA DISEÑOS give their consent and permission to receive these electronic mails and all the electronic mails that AMAPOLA DISEÑOS employees send.

4. At anytime, any user of the websites owned by AMAPOLA DISEÑOS can request that it's username and personal information be deleted and to AMAPOLA DISEÑOS cease any kind of communication.


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